Dr. Adriane Fugh-Berman is available for educational and/or academic lectures. Some powerpoints of past lectures are available for download:

Drug Ads Exercise: 

These three presentations can be used separately, together, or as individual slides for tailored presentations. Please credit PharmedOut and refer to these information and learning objectives!

Part 1. Drug Advertising Tactics


Misleading claims, indirect marketing, and disease mongering. [63 slides]

Part 2. Misleading Ads & FDA Warnings 


[33 slides]

Part 3. The Lifecycle of a Drug 


Prelaunch promotion, active marketing, and patent extension strategies. [57 slides]

Fast Stats 


Brief module about absolute vs. relative risks and number needed to treat (or harm) to help you navigate comparative claims about the safety or effectiveness of specific therapies.

Why Lunch Matters

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Powerpoint Presentation (open access)

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