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PharmedOut is a Georgetown University Medical Center project that advances evidence-based prescribing and educates healthcare professionals about pharmaceutical marketing practices. PharmedOut promotes evidence-based medicine by providing slideshows, videos, events, and links to pharma-free CME courses.

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PharmedOut's CME conference: “Does Industry Influence Medical Discourse?” will be held on June 15-16, 2017 at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington DC. Topics include Pharma’s Relationships with Patient Advocacy Groups, Drug Costs, Depression Screening as Drug Promotion, ADHD, the Opioid Epidemic, Media and Medicine, and the Future of Drug Regulation. Speakers include Josh Sharfstein MD, Carl Elliott MD PhD, Ivan Oransky MD, Gary Schwitzer, Alan Schwarz, Susan Wood PhD, and other luminaries. Our first student abstract slam includes presentations on Binge-Eating Disorder, A Model for Non-Industry-Funded CME, and more. PharmedOut conferences are known for intellectual stimulation, interdisciplinary fellowship, great networking, and homemade cookies. New this year: craft beer! Don't miss out; register here today, and join our event on facebook!

Project Details

PharmedOut focuses on providing resources to concerned healthcare providers, citizens, and others

We provide access to free, web-based, pharma-free CME that any physician in the U.S. can use to fulfill annual CME requirements. In addition, you can find news, information, and resources on our site, ranging from our monthly newsletter to our teaching tools for educators.

Our conferences in particular attract a multidisciplinary, international crowd of doctors, nurses, physicians assistants, lawyers, policymakers, ethicists, and more.